Aptal misin?

Aptal misin is a challenging puzzle game where you have to think different to pass the impossible stages. It's a free to play game with in app purchase options like level tips, triple time, removing time and checkpoints and it has a similar live system as Candy Crush where you have to wait after your... Continue Reading →

Unity3D Nightvision Shader

Here is a nightvision shader I made a while ago. I forgot to write about it and the project is on my github you can download from here : https://github.com/paganini24/ShaderExperimentProject contains;Nightvision with binocular maskThermal vision screen effectFlir screen effectAnd some test shadersHere are some screenshots : If you like this article please support my work on... Continue Reading →

E5 Highway Rush

After a long review, my new game E5 is now on App Store! Detailed description: E5 is a free arcade racing game with blocky style cars and voxel environment. Traffic is always bad at E5 highway and you are always in rush. Avoid the cars while driving in highway traffic and collect coins to unlock... Continue Reading →

Kinect Hand Cursor for Unity3D

Part 1 - IntroOne of the curitial parts of a game is your UI and it will impact your gameplay a lot.  Today I'm not going to talk about it's design, but I'm going to show you how to develop a UI system for Kinect. On desktop you can control your UI with your cursor but... Continue Reading →

Unity Editor Scripting-Quick SetActive

In this tutorial we are going to play with our hierarchy window, and add a toggle button into the hierarchywindow to quickly activate and deavtivate our gameobjects.Before we begin, you can download the source code from github. And here how our hierarchy window will look like.(Light bulb icon next to toggle button is subject for... Continue Reading →

Unity Editor Scripting- Custom Transfom Editor

Let's continue from editor scripting. I'm going to show how to implement your own transform editor for Unity3d. By default Unity has it's own editor for Transform component, which shows you your rotation as EulerAngles not as Quaternion. So when you create a custom editor for Transform and call DrawDefaultInspector(); from OnInspectorGUI() method you will see something... Continue Reading →

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