BMW VR is virtual reality project that was created at 3DExcite by me and my team. The VR experience featured different models and environments to configure with immersive sounds. More reading:

VW VR Sales Solutions

Virtual Reality Fahrzeugkonfigurator im Volkswagen Zentrum Krefeld VW VR Sales Solutions was created at 3DExcite by me and my team: Vr experience lets users to teleport around the car configure the car as they wish from immersive selection options with Htv Vive controllers. At the end of the journey user can see which price is the... Continue Reading →

Gimme A Brick

For the past months I have been working with friends for a mobile game which is called "Gimme A Brick". Detailed description: A brand new way of escaping zombie apocalypse is arrived! Drop bricks to help runners build an escape path. Upgrade all kinds of weapons, gadgets and runner abilities to survive massive zombie swarm... Continue Reading →

Ford Mustang Over Manhattan VR Mustang Over Manhattan is a VR experience created at 3DExcite. This experience lets visitors put on a VR headset and construct a Ford Mustang while climbing inside the elevator to the top of Empire State Building. I was part of a Vr development team for this project. Some articles about project,  

Aptal misin?

Aptal misin is a challenging puzzle game where you have to think different to pass the impossible stages. It's a free to play game with in app purchase options like level tips, triple time, removing time and checkpoints and it has a similar live system as Candy Crush where you have to wait after your... Continue Reading →

E5 Highway Rush

After a long review, my new game E5 is now on App Store! Detailed description: E5 is a free arcade racing game with blocky style cars and voxel environment. Traffic is always bad at E5 highway and you are always in rush. Avoid the cars while driving in highway traffic and collect coins to unlock... Continue Reading →

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