Sgt. Boomerang Devblog

Lately I have been checking out Godot Engine: 

Best way to learn a new engine is making a small prototypes/games with it.  So I have been playing around with this idea of a top-down shooter game where main weapon is a boomerang! Yes boomerangs are cool but what’s cooler is a boomerang that has a gun on it which you can shoot while the boomerang is on the fly!

Starting from this idea I started to prototype with Godot and based on the feedback I received from Reddit, Twitter I decided to further develop(or at least try:)) this game and call it  Sergeant Boomerang.

This is the part-0 of my devblog and I hope to share further process of my game here. Since it’s only part-0 I will share insight why I chose Godot over other engines:

  • Open Source. This is the best of the engine, full source code access, no license fee no royalty fee or pay to get dark skin.
  • Super fast and small. The engine even runs on my old 2011 mac-book:=) and it’s just under 100mb.
  • Community is great and helpful.
  • Variety of languages to write code. GDscript is a bit hard to get used to it but once you get it, it starts to flow.  C# is also available as scripting languages but most of the online resources are available in GDscript.
  • Perfect for 2D games.
  • Some features are surprising. Such as it has a shader graph editor.
  • Git friendly. All the scene assets are text based and readable.
  • Nested scenes. It’s similar to Unity’s nested prefabs except in Godot everything is a scene asset. And infrastructure is well done.

These are my points on Godot Engine. I hope to learn a lot during making this game and share some knowledge here.

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