Unity Match3 game sample

Recently, I made a challenge to make a match 3 game under 6 hours. It turned out to be a decent hypercasual game. The full source code is here : https://github.com/nevarman/hypercasual-match-game.License for only source code is CC0, and for the whole Unity project is CC 4.0.For the art assets and sound licenses please check the... Continue Reading →

Sgt. Boomerang Devblog-Part 1

Devblog Part-1 Making the boomerang path The most crucial part of the game is done! I can now visualize a boomerang path after user input and throw a boomerang on this path. I have received a couple of questions on some of my reddit posts how I did this so I decided to share how... Continue Reading →

Gimme A Brick

For the past months I have been working with friends for a mobile game which is called "Gimme A Brick". Detailed description: A brand new way of escaping zombie apocalypse is arrived! Drop bricks to help runners build an escape path. Upgrade all kinds of weapons, gadgets and runner abilities to survive massive zombie swarm... Continue Reading →

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